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Temperature Controlled Battery Short Circuit Test Chamber








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Test Puepose

This machine is designed according with the requirements of various battery short-circuit test standards. According to the standard, the short-circuit device must meet the internal resistance of 80 ± 20mΩ to obtain the maximum short-circuit current required by test. In addition, the circuit design of the short-circuit device must also be able to withstand large currents impact.

We chose industrial-grade DC electromagnetic contactors, all-copper terminals, and internal copper plates to guide the flow. The wide and thick copper plates effectively improve the heat dissipation effect, make the high current short-circuit device safer, effectively reduce the loss of test equipment, and ensure the test data Accuracy.



1. Battery Pack Short Circuit Tester has three relatively independent control modes: remote PC+ on-site touch screen + remote control. The parameters such as current, voltage and temperature can display the record.
2. There are total voltage, cell voltage, temperature, data record and data curve, etc.
3. High current short circuit switch power is small, energy saving and environmental protection, with double protection system, and intelligent temperature protection, arc extinguishing and rust prevention
4. Remote control monitoring system All control parameter settings, data acquisition, video recording can be operated by a computer with a distance of >30m;
5. The equipment can be tested with domestic and foreign standards such as GB31241, GB/T31485, GB/T314673, IEC62660-2018.


Standard Features

Item HD-H201
Internal Dimension 500*500*500mm(W*D*H)
External Dimension 700*800*1530mm(W*D*H)
Internal Material SUS201 stainless steel plate, 1.2mm thick and affixed with Teflon;
External Material Paint treatment of cold-rolled steel sheet
Observe Window 250*250mm
Two layers of tempered glass
Transparent window with stainless steel mesh
Exhaust port Diameter 100mm
Pressure relief port 200*200mm
Door Single door design, the door is equipped with a safety limit switch

The side is equipped with an explosion-proof chain

Only close the door to operate the device to ensure the safety of personnel

Testing Hole There are two testing hole diameter 50mm, for cable connect.
Control Mode Key Type
Temperature collection range RT-1000℃
Temperature Acquisition Channel Channel 1
Temperature Display Accuracy ±0.5℃
Voltage collection range 0-100V
Voltage Acquisition Channel Channel 1
Voltage Display Accuracy ±0.5%
Maximum Short-circuit Current 1000A
Current Acquisition Channel Channel 1
Current Display Accuracy ±0.5%
Internal Resistance of

Device Loop

Voltage Single Phase 220V
Power 200W
Machine Weight 85kg