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Battery Explosion-proof Test Chamber








The Battery Explosion-proof Test Chamber is mainly used for overcharging and over-discharging of the battery. During the charge and discharge test, the battery is placed in an explosion-proof box and connected to an external charge and discharge tester to protect the operator and the instrument.

Battery Explosion-Proof Test Chamber is mainly used for over-charge and over-discharge test of the battery. During the charge and discharge test, the battery is placed in an explosion-proof chamber, and the external charge and discharge test machine is connected to protect the operator and the instrument.


1. Observation window
2. Silicone compression strip and explosion-proof chain handle, safe to operate
3. Inner material: stainless steel;outer material: cold rolled sheet and painted
4. Separate exhaust and lighting system
5. 4 casters for easy movement


1. UN38.3(2012) “Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Manual of Tests and Standards” Part III
2. IEC62133-2012 “Safety requirements for batteries and battery packs containing alkaline or non-acid electrolytes”
3. GB/T 31485-2015 “Safety requirements and test methods for power batteries for electric vehicles”
4. GB31241-2014   “Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products”



Model HD-H203
1. Inner box size  500x500x500mm (width x depth x height);
2. Dimensions  680x750x1475mm (width x depth x height, including door lock);
3. External material  cold-rolled steel plate with paint treatment, thickness 1.5mm;
4. Internal material  SUS#304 thickness 1.2mm;
5. Number of cabinets  2;
6. Box door  a single door opens to the left, and an explosion-proof chain is installed on the side of the box door;
7. Teflon tape is attached to the inside of the box, which is effective in insulation and flame retardant, easy to clean;
8. There are test holes on the left side of each layer of the box, which is convenient for the test connection line to pass through;
9. Each test box has a lighting and smoke exhaust interface, and there is an interval design between each layer to avoid mutual influence on the test;
10. Control mode  button control ;
11. Pressure relief door size  200x200mm; Located at the back of the box, when the sample explodes, the pressure relief port will pop open to relieve the pressure;
12. Smoke exhaust pipe  diameter φ100mm, located at the back of the box;
13. Observation window  Two-layer tempered glass with a size of 250x250mm, equipped with stainless steel mesh;
14. Equipment movement  There are four universal casters at the bottom of the equipment, which can move freely;
15. Lighting device  It is convenient to observe the state of the tested sample;
16. Power supply  1∮; AC220V; 50-60HZ

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