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Packaging materials buffer intensity testing machine




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


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1 , the buffer material testing machine system

According to GB8167-87 , GB8171 ” dynamic cushioning material for packingcompression test method ” test buffer performance of cushioning materials

2 , system structure :

( 1 ) the buffer material impact testing machine platform
Slide the maximum height of fall 1200mm
The biggest drop weight 50kgf
Heavy weight 7kgf
Mass and the number of 0 . 6kg-1 1kg-1 2kg-2
5kg-3 10kg-1 20kg-1
( 2 ) testing machine controller 1
( 3 ) data acquisition interface board 1 block;
( 4 ) the accelerometer 1
( 5 ) the charge amplifier 1
( 6 ) 1 sets of computer
( 7 ) compression test data acquisition and processing software dynamic cushioning material ( Windows interface , VC programming )

3 , the buffer material testing machine system :

( 1 ) using the speed detector developed , determination of instantaneous velocityat the start of the precise impact
( 2 ) any circumstances can reliable acquisition impact acceleration time signal
( 3 ) to filter the acceleration signal provides a variety of FIR digital filter , the signalwithout distortion , the performance for the mechanics of cushioning materials , development of new cushioning material is particularly important
( 4 ) in linear or logarithmic display maximum acceleration static stress , cushioningcoefficientmaximum stress and dynamic stress – strain curve
( 5 ) provide a variety of curve fitting program , especially the manual fitting , so that the more you work
( 6 ) full automatic file name , without human intervention
( 7 ) a graph line , so you can put the number of curves in a linear or logarithmiccoordinates in a picture , for study , mechanical properties , comparison of variousmaterials with different situations when the buffer performance provides a convenient
( 8 ) even if the interrupt test , data will be stored , subsequent tests without starting from scratch
Press the button ( 9 ) test report , test report automatically to the Word version of experimental data .
Application of 4 , buffer material testing machine system :
( 1 ) the maximum acceleration test of static stress curve or buffer coefficientstress curve of cushioning packaging design
( 2 ) the development of new cushioning material , using the shock accelerationtest to get the time curve , dynamic stress-strain curve , power curve or buffer coefficient maximum stress on the mechanical properties of material force curve of maximum acceleration static , cushioning performance and their relationship .
( 3 ) the maximum acceleration curve of cushioning material production factory to provide cushioning materials of various grades , different density in various test conditions and buffer coefficient curve
( 4 ) the original transport packaging cushioning performance analysis and improvement , design and improvement of cushioning packaging
Rapid test method of buffer material testing machine
By making it freely falling weight impact specimen , obtained directly , cushion coefficient stress curve of dynamic material from the impact accelerationwaveform . As everyone knows , the buffer performance of cushioning materialscan be used to cushion coefficient stress ( or strain ) curve description . It has two kinds of test methods , namely static compression tests and dynamic compression test method . The former is in the pressure testing machine . The specimens were compressed , ( for its performance by the pressure – deformation curve of 1 ) . Its advantage is to sample a small number of simple , test equipment , test time is short , low cost