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High-speed 3-axis CNC driven motor video measuring machine




15 days after order.








Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


L/C, D/P, T/T



Video measuring machine is based on the CCD digital image, based on the spatial geometry based on the software module operation, and instantly get the desired results; and generate graphics on the screen for the operator to control the image, which can intuitive To-earth resolution of the measurement results.

VMC-P Characteristics:

● Creative modern-shape-design;
● Fashionable auto-painting-craftwork;
● Steady granite base;
● Stable imported V-shape guide;
● Precise metal and glass worktable;
● High-speed 3-axis CNC driven motor;
● Adjustable USB 40-division ring LED illumination;
● Advanced Pomeas 0.7~4.5X Zoom lens;
● Wonderful SONY 1/2“ Color CCD camera;
● Powerful 3D measuring software QuickMeasuring 4.1 version.

VMC-P Specifications:

Mode Vexus VMC3020P Vexus VMC3030P Vexus VMC4030P Vexus VMC5030P
Order# 526-301 526-331 526-401 526-501
Metal table size 450x350mm 450x450mm 550x450mm 650x450mm
Glass table size 350x250mm 350x350mm 450x350mm 550x350mm
Travel: X,Y 300x200mm 300x300mm 400x300mm 500x300mm
Z-axis Travel 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
Resolution 0.0005mm 0.0005mm 0.0005mm 0.0005mm
Renishaw touch probe MCP-K2(581-721) MCP-K2(581-721) MCP-K2(581-721) MCP-K2(581-721)
X,Y-axis accuracy ≤(3+L/200)um ≤(3+L/200)um ≤(3+L/200)um ≤(3+L/200)um
Measuring software QM4.2 QM4.2 QM4.2 QM4.2
Nte weight 300kg 320kg 460kg 540kg
Dimension(mm) 700x600x900 760x600x900 950x590x1000 950x700x1100

VMC-P Standard Delivery:

Standard Delivery Order# Standard Delivery Order# Standard Delivery Order#
Measuring Software QM4.2 CCD Camera MC3 484-123 Pomeas detent zoom lens 421-101
Calibration Block 581-801 Capture Card 7130 527-130 LED Lightsource 425-400
Scale Transfer U3 564-301 Renishaw Probe MCP-K2 581-721 Dell PC System

VMC-P Optional Accessories:

Optional Accessories Order# Optional Accessories Order# Optional Accessories Order#
Renishaw Probe MCP-K1 581-711 Pomeas motor zoom lens 421-001 Operation Joystick 581-542
Renishaw Probe MCP-K3 581-731 Pomeas Coaxial zoom lens 421*001 Working Cupboard ST03 581-631

Instrument characteristics

Using color CCD camera;
A zoom objective lens and a cross line generator as a measurement aiming system;
From the two-dimensional flat table, grating and data boxes composed of digital measurement and data processing system;
The instrument has a variety of data processing, display, input and output functions, especially the workpiece is placed very positive function;
With the computer connection, the use of specialized measurement software can measure the graphics processing


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