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Chair Universal comprehensive test machine




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


L/C, D/P, T/T



Product Introduction:
All kinds of tests can be carried out on the same test machine. The user can complete the mechanical performance test of the seat, back, armrest, sides and other parts of the chair by simple and quick adjustment.Save equipment investment and experiment space.Testing of table, crib, bedstead, bunk bed and storage furniture.


Design Standard:
1.EN 581-1/2/3
2.Bifma x5.1-2011
3.GB 10357.1


Technical Parameters:
1. A multi-channel control system, which controls 12 test channels at the same time.
2. Horizontal handrail test shaft stroke: 100mm, maximum carrying capacity: 2000N.
3. Vertical handrail loading shaft stroke: 150mm, maximum load capacity: 2000N.
4. Vertical cushion loading shaft stroke: 500mm, maximum load capacity: 2500N.
5, chair backrest loading shaft stroke: 500mm, the maximum load capacity: 2000N
6. Force sensor: 0-3000n, including correction data sheet.
7. All powerful loading axes are equipped with force sensor measurement system.
8. Force measurement precision of the system: static: 0.5%, dynamic force: 0-2%.
9. Test speed: 5-30 times/min adjustable.
10. Test times 0—999,999 can be set arbitrarily.
11. Test space: 7m 2.5m 2.5m (L W H)
12. PLC lower control +PLC upper control software automatic control, all force deviation data are observed on the display screen.
13. Lower computer system: high-speed ipc: it can realize fast collection, high-speed massive operation and storage database, and provide real-time reports
14. It has the function of stop/power off memory and stop point detection.
15. Stop mode: stop and alarm after reaching the test number.
16. The equipment has a fault self-diagnosis system;Convenient for inspection and troubleshooting.
17. Two separate racks and two control boxes are required.
18. Overall rack size: about 6.5m long x 2.8m wide x 3.6m high.
19. Air connection is required.Save equipment investment and experiment space.Testing of table, crib, bedstead, bunk bed and storage furniture.


Technical Parameters:

Capacity 200kg ( TECSIS senor)
Controller and Interface Programmable logic controller, touch screen interface


Chair Pull Fixture x 2
Seat loading pad x 1
Back loading pad x 1
Dead Weight (159 Kg(350 ibf)) x 1
CMD measuring device x 1
Air Pressure 7 Bar
Standard BIFMA X5.11 6 Backrest Strength Test-Static-Type I

BIFMA X5.11 11 Seating Durability Test-Cyclic

BIFMA X5.11 12 Stability Test

BIFMA X5.11 13 Arm Strength Test-Vertical-Static

BIFMA X5.11 14 Arm Strength Test-Horizontal –Static

BIFMA X5.11 15 Backrest Durability Test-Cyclic-Type I

BIFMA X5.11 19 Arm Durability Test-Cyclic


BIFMA X5.1 2017

Chair Universal comprehensive test machine