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R&D Strength

Gather leading experts

Haida (Haiyouce Group) attaches great importance to platform construction and talent reserve. It has a total of 630 employees, including 150 technicians, more than 300 undergraduates, 5 graduate students, and 3 doctoral students. And with many colleges and universities, research institutes to establish research cooperation relationship.

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Technical Staff

R&D Technicians Of the total number of people in the company
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Academic Qualifications

More than 50% undergraduate degree or above
0 +

R&D Experience

10 years of industry R&D experience

Mastering The Core Technology of Environmental Test Equipment

Electrical System

Refrigeration System

Body Frame Design and Structural System

Control System


Fluid Simulation Research and Development

  • 2+
    2 national invention patents
  • 100+
    More than 100 utility model patents
  • 30+
    30 types of software development

Haida Certificate Qualification

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