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Paper board 4 point bending stiffness tester




15 days after order.








Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


L/C, D/P, T/T



Product advantages:

1. Since we are using pneumatic clamping plate to fix the test board, small warp, twist or curl of the board is no longer a problem in the test. This is also the reason to choose 4-point bending method to test the paper stiffness instead of other methods such as 2 point and 3 point bending.
2. Length of the test board is one of the critical factor to affect the test result, HD-A544 give you an automatic solution. Operator use one button to widen or shorten the opening gap between the clamping plate, when your designated width approach, data can automatically write into the computer for calculation, accuracy up to 0.1mm
3. Use non contact device to measure the deflection of the paper board, this can eliminate any un-expected loading onto the paper board such as spring load or weight of the measuring probe. The new feature of HD-A544 increases the credibility of the test result.
4. No matter the thickness of the samples, HD-A544 equipped with an intelligent detector to get the zero reference point. Test becomes more convenience.
5. The test report prints out use conventional office printer. Thermal paper no longer use. Text and graphic printed on the thermal paper can not last long, it will fade out when time pass. Therefore use common typing paper let the file keep much longer.
6. Shear force (one of a uncertainty) in this test method has been overcome by applying special mechanism on the clamping plate.

Product features:

1) This tester is to measure the resistance of the test piece offer to bending, in the region of elastic deformation.
2) The tester is suitable for corrugated paper board (Flute A,B,C,D & E)
3) A precise sensor measure the linear deflection caused by bending display on the screen and send to the micro-processor for calculation through the communication port.
4) Automatic zero set point of the transducer compensate various thickness of the paper board.
5) Length of paper board is adjustable from 50 to 300 mm. Make use of a stepping motor ,left/right turn ball screw, the change of paper board length is much easier , the required length can be set and automatically done by the machine.

Main parameters:

Test precision Within±5%
Maximum sample width 100 mm
Set of precised control weight provided 20g x 4 ea
50g x 4 ea
100g x 4 ea
300g x 2 ea
Power supply Single phase, AC 110/220V, 250W
Compressed air 6 kg/cm2
Motor Panasonic servo motor 400W+Driver
Touch screen PLC control, TPC7062kx
Stepper motor 42BYGH47-1684A
SMC cylinder MXH10-50
Result Output USB Flash Drive – Print Out the Image File
Tabular or graphical presentation of result
Flow-limiting Valve M5-4 (FESTO Germany)
Measurement Tools Laser Displacement Detector
P.S non contact device to measure the deflection of the paper board, this can eliminate any
un-expected loading onto the paper board

Paper board 4 point bending stiffness tester