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Accelerated Aging Test Chamber




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


L/C, D/P, T/T




1.Simulate the sun, rain spray and condensation resulting damage to test the materials by exposure to sunlight with moisture and temperature.
2.To get the results of damage after several days or weeks which is equal to expose to outside for a few months. The damages include fading, discoloration, brightness down, powder, crack, blur, brittle, strength decreases and oxidation.
3.Provide reference with testing data for improvement of existing materials, or to assess the impact of changes in product durability and other aspects.


Item Specification
Internal Dimension (W*D*H) 1140*650*500mm
External Dimension (W*D*H) 1340*700*1800mm
Inner chamber material SUS 304 # Stainless Steel, Anti-rust, easy to clean
Outer chamber material Stainless steel
Chamber Temperature Room temperature+10℃~70℃
Temperature Uniformity ±3℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Blank panel temperature 65±3℃
Humidity Range Light :20%~60%RH,    Dark:30%~98%RH
Humidity fluctuation +2,-3%RH
Irradiated intensity 300-400NM,40~60W/m2
Xenon lamp power 6.5KW water-cooled xenon lamp x 1pc
Turntable speed and diameter 1~7r/min, diameter 400mm
Lamp life About 1200h
Control system PLC controller, touch screen
Distance from specimen to arc center 250~300mm, Effective exposure area 3760cm2
Standard sample size 75mm×150mm Thickness<20mm
Filter Daylight filter
Lighting cycle time  0~999H, M, S continuously adjustable
Door seal Silicone rubber seal
Temperature sensor PT100 high precision temperature sensor
Air circulation system Stainless steel centrifugal rotor vane to improve the uniformity of temperature and humidity
Cooling ventilator Automatic controlled by temperature controller, and inner chamber cooled by refrigerating system
Cooling ventilator France Tecumseh compressor
Power Three phase, AC380V, 50Hz
Cooling method Water ( with one chiller)
Test standard ISO105-B02:2014
Safety Protection Over heat protection for fan,
Over load protection for cooling system,
Over pressure protection for cooling system,
Over temperature protection,
Over heat and over flow protection for water pump,
Leakage protection, Water shortage protection,
Auto stop after failure warning


uv 1

uv aging chamberAdvantage

1. Internal dimension (W*D*H): 1140*650*500mm
2. External dimension (W*D*H): 1340*700*1800mm
3. Chamber material: SUS#304 stainless steel
4. Specimen Size: Irregular sample
5. Testing time: 0~999H, adjustable
6. Controller: Programmable controller, LCD touch screen
7. Over 10 years uv chamber experience,factory quotation, support the global after-sales service
8. Test Criteria: ISO 4892-3,ASTM G154
9. Chamber material: SUS#304 stainless steel
10. Temperature range: RT to 70℃
11. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±1.0℃
12. Temperature uniformity: 3℃
13. Humidity range:: ≥75%RH
14. Test cycle setting: Exposure, condensation and water spray test cycle is programmable
15. Water spray cycle: Spray 18mins in every 120mins / spray 12mins in every 60mins
16. Water usage: 8L/day
17. Distance from sample to lamp: 55±2mm

UV Lamp

Fluorescent UV lamps are more stable than other types of tubes (including xenon arc lamps). Spectral power Distribution (SPD) will not change with the aging of the lamp, or even use up to 5000 hours. This will result in more repeatable test results, while reducing the replacement of the lamp and reducing operating costs.

Temperature control

All UV aging can accurately control the temperature to improve accuracy and speed up the testing process. Although the temperature usually does not affect the primary photochemical reaction, it affects the speed of any subsequent reaction. Therefore, the temperature control capability of the UV aging chamber is essential for UV aging testing.

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