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Chair Caster Durability Testing Machine




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


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Product Description:
Chair Castor Durability Tester to evaluate the ability of chair base and casters to withstand fatigue stresses and wear caused by moving the chair back and forth . Seat surface to place the weight ( 113 kg ) , the holding fixture driven by motor and timing belt move to and fro , in order to assess the the casters of wear life , stroke rate and the number of times can be set .

It is applied to assess the compressive ability of office chair armrest endurancealong the horizontal direction and vertical direction, and the durability of office chair armrest under the action of cyclic ateral pressure (10 degrees angle direction with plumb line ), to determine the compressive strength of office chair armre.


Main technical parameters:

driving mode variable frequency motorand timing belt
Stroke 762mm  ( + 50mm )
rate 8 ~ 12 times / min
holder with the up and down adjustment range 80mm~500mm
control mode PLC and LCD display
Voltage 220V single-phase ,  900W
Design standard Bifma x 5 . 1 clause 17
1 .  Starting point for self-regulation .

2 .  Accessories :  a weight of 23 kg of load-bearing base divided into 9 equal portions per box ,  placed a 10-kilogram weight ,  the overall weight equal to 113 kilograms .

3 .  Base barriers block can be removed ,  for smoothing the surface accessibility block test .


Procedures :
A chair with casters is mounted on the moveable platform as shown in Figure 13. A 300-pound load is applied to the chair seat with the chair spindle fully extended. The base is attached to a mechanical device that exerts a horizontal push and pull of from 30 inches to 34 inches as illustrated in the figure. The base and casters are free to rotate and swivel. The machine operates continuously at a rate of 8 to 10 cycles per minute with a maximum speed of 50 feet per minute. One cycle consists of a forward and backward stroke of the mechanical device. Testing continues until the base or a caster suffers structural breakage, loss of serviceability, or a failure that would in any way cause personal injury to the occupant or bystanders, or, the desired acceptance level is met.


Test Procedures:
a) The chair or chair base shall be cycled for 2,000 cycles over the obstacles as shown in Figures 16d and
16e and then 98,000 cycles on a smooth hard surface (steel preferred) without obstacles.
b) At the conclusion of cycling, a 22 N (5 lbf.) pull force shall be applied to each caster in line with the
caster stem centerline.


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