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Intelligent Control Enviroment Rapid-rate Thermal Cycle Test Chamber







Temperature range



Rapid-rate Thermal Cycle Test Chamber is ideally suited for specimen test requiring quick changes of temperature


Rapid-rate Thermal Cycle Test Chamber is ideally suited for specimen test requiring quick changes of temperature. It can evaluate the failure of thermal mechanical properties of product. Normally the temperature rate is less than 20C/min, which can achieve the real application environment of testing sample by the fast ramp rate.


Item Specification
Internal dimension (W*D*H) 600*600*600mm
Internal material #304 stainless steel, mirror finished
External material Stainless steel with paint spray
Temperature range -40~+85℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Cooling speed ≥1℃/min in average (without loading)
Heating speed ≥1℃/min in average (without loading)
Pressure range Ordinary pressure ~ 1Kpa
Decompression time ≤10min
Pressurized method First heating/cooling, then vacuumize
Pressure deviation ±5%
Insulation high density rigid Polyurethane foam
Test time 0.1~999.9 h/m/s, adjustable.
Power system Three-phase, 380V, 50Hz
Safety protection device Protection for leakage
Compressor over-voltage and overload
Heater short circuit
Water shortage
Air circulation system
Air circulation device Vacuumed ventilator to maintain the stable temperature
Heating method Electrical heating
Refrigeration system
Compressor German brand, refrigeration system with Semi-hermetic sealed refrigeration
Cooling method Water-cooling
Accessories Expansion valve, filter, pressure controller, oil pressure controller, globe valve, solenoid valve and oil separator adopt imported brands.
Refrigerant R404A and R23
Vacuum system
Composition Vacuum measuring system and control system
Vacuum meter measuring Adopt pressure sensor to measure the meter, the data will be transferred into electric signal, then it’s input into controller for displaying and controlling.
Controlling accessories Pressure sensor, transducer, pressure regulating valve and gas regulating valve adopt famous brands.
Control system
Controller LCD touch screen, programmable control temperature and pressure
Control accuracy Temperature, 0.5℃. Pressure, 1.0 Pa
Display resolution Temperature, 0.1℃. Pressure, 0.01 Pa
Interface RS 232, USB or LAN, can be remote control.




1. Has cable ports are provided on the left side to allow easy wiring of specimens for measurement or voltage application;
2. The door equipped with hinges preventing auto-closing;
3. Can designed to comply with major environmental test standards like IEC, JEDEC, SAE…
4. High performance and quiet operation (80 dBA)

PLC Controller

The controller adopts LCD touch screen,and it is with automatic,intelligent and humanized design.

Material of lnner Chamber

SUS304 mirror stainless steel plate,cor-rosion-resistant,easy to clean,beautiful and generous.

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