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Double Layer Battery Thermal Cycling Test Chamber








The battery explosion-proof test box is mainly used for overcharging and over-discharging of the battery. During the charge and discharge test, the battery is placed in an explosion-proof box and connected to an external charge and discharge tester to protect the operator and the instrument.


This tester is mainly used for battery overcharge and overdischarge, charge and discharge test, the battery is placed in the explosion-proof box, external charge and discharge tester, for the protection of the operator and the instrument, the test box of this machine can be customized according to the test requirements.


Third, the principle of operation

The test should be conducted at an ambient temperature of 20℃±5℃, the positive and negative terminals of the fully charged battery are shorted, the battery is short-circuited, no external short circuit occurs during the test, the battery under test is qualified by not exploding and not catching fire.



1, GB 31241-2014 “lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products safety requirements
2、UL 1642:2012 Standard for Lithium Batteries
3、UL 2054: 2012 “Household and Commercial Battery Packs
4、IEC 62281: 2004 “Safety Requirements for Lithium Primary and Storage Batteries in Transport
5, IEC 60086: 2007 “Safety Requirements for Primary Batteries Part 4 Lithium Batteries


Product features

1. The interior of the box is designed with 304 stainless steel and the bottom is affixed with Teflon insulation;
2 box with air vent at the rear, pressure relief port and internal lighting;
3. picking box door: single door left open, the door is equipped with a safety limit switch, the side is equipped with explosion-proof chain, close the door before you can operate the equipment to ensure the safety of personnel;
4. Test hole: There is a 50mm diameter test hole on the left side of the device, which is convenient to put in temperature, voltage, current and other collection lines.



1.1 Cooling System
1 The refrigerating system uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a (R449a as option) and R23. Adopting binary low temperature circuit system design, it is convenient to use different compressors for work in different temperature regions.
2 Temperature and humidity control using P.I.D + S.S.R system coordinated control with the same channel. It has the function of automatic calculation, which can immediately modify the temperature change conditions to make the temperature control more accurate and stable.
3 High-precision controllers of temperature. The relative temperature performance is accurately set and displayed with a resolution of 0.1 ℃.
1.2 Temperature System
1 Temperature system using Nickel-chromium alloy high-speed heating electric wire;
2 High temperature system is completely independent;
3 Contains four temperature sensors to detect the surface temperature of the battery and display it on the controller
1.3 Control System
Temp. Sensor High precision PT100 Platinum resistance
Controller Weintek
Display Function a. Temp. Setting (SV) Practical (PV) value can be displayed directly
b. Display numbers, paragraphs, remaining time and cycles, running time
c. Program editing and graphic curve display,
d. Fixed or program operation status display,
Interface a. RS-232 or R485 port design
b. Connected to computer
c. Monitor and remote control by computer and Ethernet
1.4 Protection System
1 Protection for Electrical leakage
2 Over-temperature
3 Compressor overvoltage and overload
4 Heater short circuit



2.1 Capacity and Material
Model HD-H203-1
Test Room With 2 test area
Internal dimension for single test room(W*D*H) 750*500*600 (225L)
Chamber External dimension(W*D*H) 1150*1200*1850mm
Internal material 1.0mm thickness SUS#304 stainless steel, Insulating material
External material 1.0mm thickness cold-rolled steel plate baking
2.2 Temperature
Temperature Range -20℃ ~ + 150℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Temperature Rate Cooling at 1℃/min in average (without loading)
Heating at 3℃/min in average (without loading)
2.3 Power Supply  
Power Source Three-phase, AC380V,50Hz
2.4 Cooling System and Others
Compressor Semi-Hermertically Sealed France Tecumseh / USA Copeland compressor


Refrigerant R404A
Cooling method two-stage compression refrigeration system
Cooling method Air-cooled flake condenser, cooling fan for heat dissipation
Heating System Nichrome stainless steel heater
Testing hole Diameter 150mm, there are 2 holes for cable routing for each chamber
Evaporator Finned tube heat exchanger
Dry filter Absorb the residual moisture and acidic substances in the refrigerant of the refrigeration system, and filter out solid particles, copper shavings, etc. in the system to protect the normal operation of the expansion valve and capillary tube, and prevent ice blocking and dirty blocking.
Door handle Non-reaction, explosion-proof door handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable
Insulation 100mm polyurethane rigid foam and 100mm high density glass fiber cotton
Insulation system Filling the insulation area with ultra-fine glass fiber;
Machine connection parts are made of non-metal resistant high and low temperature materials, which effectively reduces the temperature conduction;
Door seal is made of refined silicone rubber, which is more reliable seal;
Observation window Double-layer vacuum-strengthened glass;
Heat-resistant defrosting on the inside with adhesive sheet conductive film, which can clearly observe inner chamber.
2.5Test Standard
1 IEC6008-2-1 Cold
2 IEC6008-2-2 Dry Heat
3 IEC60068-2-38 Damp Heat, Cyclic


Status indicator The tower light has 3 signal levels (white, green, and red) to quickly alert the operator of any abnormal conditions
Electrical door lock The test space door is locked via an electrical door lock during automatic and manual tests. In automatic mode the complete testing system can be switched off during a program interruption, in order to allow the unlocking of the test space door.
Reversible pressure release flap This device is installed on the top of chamber.
Mechanical door lock Except reversible pressure release flap, two fasteners which mechanically hold the door closed are attached to the test space door
Sealing plug One 50mm or 100mm diameter cable port on left with flexible silicone plug
Fire detection via CO2 gas
The system is equipped with a control unit, an alarm panel, an emergency button, a thermostat with dedicated temperature probe and a system with a CO2 cylinder. The CO2 discharge is activated by exceeding a temperature threshold (settable by the user) measured by a dedicated PT100 or by exceeding the CO2 threshold inside the chamber.
The detection system, provided with its own power supply, activates the CO2 in the chamber. The CO2 bottle is empty, gas filled by user.



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