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Working Principle of Salt Spray Test Chamber

With the increasing application of salt spray test chambers, its advantages are well known to the public. Now it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, communication and other fields. So, do you all understand the design and working principle of the salt spray test chamber? Let me give you a popular science.

The salt spray test chamber mainly simulates the salt spray environment in the atmosphere to assess whether the performance of the sample will be affected in the salt spray environment. According to certain test conditions, the user configures the test solution with the corresponding concentration. The bottom of the box is equipped with a heating pipe, and a certain salt spray humid environment is formed inside the box through the control system. And the spray tower sprays the salt mist on the test samples to form a certain salt mist corrosion environment.

In a very short period of time, the test sample can achieve the corrosion effect that can only be achieved in dozens of days or even months in the general salt spray environment, and the concentration of the salt solution can be adjusted according to the test requirements. It can better test the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosion.