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Mobile phone waterproof testing performance

Mobile phone failure, the water short circuit caused by the problem, has been a large proportion, so now more and more attention to these details of mobile phone manufacturers.

Sony is the world’s first mobile phone company to do three mobile phone company, but three anti-level IPX67 above the level of waterproof and dustproof, and later Samsung, Apple, Huawei, millet and other companies to join the phone waterproof and dustproof team.

In the phone waterproof performance, Samsung started to be much earlier than Apple’s. IPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus for the first time joined the IP67 waterproof rating, and Samsung Galaxy S7 has been supporting IP68 waterproof (the highest level of mobile phone waterproof). However, the measured results, but some unexpected.
Today, YouTube well-known channel EverythingApplePro on the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 waterproof performance of the test, the test method is also very direct: the two mobile phones in the same metal bucket, into the water, and gradually increase the water depth, place 5 minutes , Observe the phone’s reflection.

The results show that, starting at 10:45, after 35 minutes (10.5 meters) of water placed 5 minutes later, support IP68 waterproof level Galaxy S7 appeared a black screen, leaving only LED indicator light flashes, and IP67 level iPhone 7 can continue Normal work, people puzzled.

Theoretically, IP67 rating support short-term immersion, the test sample is generally required to the bottom surface of at least 1 meter distance, to the top of the sample surface distance of at least 0.15 m, the test time of 30 minutes, to ensure that the test sample is working

While the IP68 rating is required for a long time soaking, different brands of test methods are not the same, some brands of waterproof connector IP68 waterproof test is: to ensure that 10 meters in water depth, work 2 weeks, not into the water; Rice water depth, damage test 12 hours, still able to maintain good performance of the product

In fact, the phone’s waterproof and dustproof effect of good or bad in addition to market demand, mobile phone design, cost outside Another point worthy of our attention is the finished product QC / QA detection. After the design of the mobile phone company, the mobile phone manufacturer in the finished product when the factory QC / QA test link with real and accurate waterproof and dustproof equipment on the phone waterproof and dustproof function is essential. Waterproof and dustproof equipment can accurately follow the IPX series of mobile phone waterproof and dustproof function。