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Formaldehyde Hazard Source Detection

Formaldehyde, also known as formaldehyde. Colorless gas with irritating odor, irritating to human eyes and nose. Soluble in water and ethanol. The concentration of the aqueous solution can be up to 55%, usually 40%, called formaldehyde water, commonly known as formalin (formalin), is a colorless liquid with a pungent smell. Specifically include the following aspects:

1.Irritation: It is generally manifested as irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance in the original plasma, which can be combined with proteins. When inhaled at high concentrations, severe respiratory tract irritation, edema, eye irritation, and headache may occur.

2.Sensitization: direct skin contact with formaldehyde may cause allergic dermatitis, stains, and necrosis, and inhalation of high concentrations of formaldehyde may induce bronchial asthma.

3.Mutagenicity: High concentration formaldehyde is also a genotoxic substance, which may cause gene mutation.

What are the main sources of formaldehyde? The main sources of indoor air formaldehyde pollution are: furniture and fabrics, wood product fillers, construction sources, detergents, cosmetics and personal products, etc., mainly artificial boards.

1.It comes from artificial boards such as plywood, blockboard, medium density fiberboard and particle board used in interior decoration.

2.From indoor furniture, including wood-based panel furniture, fabric furniture, kitchen furniture, etc.

3.It comes from other decorative materials containing formaldehyde, especially unqualified white latex and paint.

4.Pingyuan comes from interior decoration textiles, including bedding, wall coverings, wallpapers, carpets and curtains.

According to the national standard GB18580-2017 and ASTMD6007-2, EN717-1, ANSI/BIFMAX7.1-2007, our company developed a set of HD-F801 Formaldehyde Test Chamber specially for the detection of formaldehyde emission from plates. Its characteristic is that it can simulate the indoor climate to the greatest extent. environment, the test results are closer to the real environment, so they are real and reliable.

The Formaldehyde Test Chamber adopts a 10-inch LCD touch screen human-machine interface, a microcomputer temperature and humidity controller, and automatically controls the temperature and humidity of the test chamber, with simple operation and high control accuracy. Imported high-precision temperature and humidity transmitters are adopted, with high indication accuracy and stable and reliable performance. The whole machine adopts modular design and integrated molding assembly structure, which is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance.

Haida Instruments is committed to making every enterprise have high-quality testing instruments. Make human life better!