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How to use the tensile testing machine to test the tensile strength of the shoelace?

Shoe lace test method is: use the tensile testing machine to tear or stretch the shoe lace maximum force value, the time required for breaking, the maximum yield force, the number of tears, etc.

1. Select the appropriate clamp pliers to install on the tensile machine, it is advisable to conduct a pre-test to determine the most suitable type of clamp pliers.
2. Adjust the stretching speed to the specified value.
3. Adjust the distance between the lower edge of the upper clamp and the upper edge of the lower clamp to (150 ± 2) mm.
4. Clamp the two ends of the shoelace in the upper and lower clamps respectively, and the sample should be in a vertical state after clamping.
5. Click the start button and record the force value and the time of use when the shoelace breaks.