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The HAIDA instrument manufacturer tells you how to maintain and maintain the high and low temperature test chamber?

High and low temperature test chamber

First, temperature and humidity are important factors affecting device performance. They can cause the corrosion of mechanical parts, reduce the smoothness of the metal mirror surface, cause the error or performance of the mechanical part of the instrument, and cause the aluminum film of optical components such as gratings, reflectors, focusing mirrors, etc. to rust, resulting in insufficient light energy, stray light, Noise, etc., and even the instrument stops working, thus affecting the life of the equipment.

It should be calibrated regularly during maintenance. There should be laboratories with constant humidity in all seasons, equipped with constant temperature equipment, especially those located in the southern region.

Furthermore, the dust and corrosive gases in the environment can also affect the flexibility of the equipment system, reduce the reliability of various limit switches, buttons, and photoelectric couplers, and it is also one of the reasons for the corrosion of the aluminum film of the necessary components. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly to ensure the hygienic conditions of the environment and the laboratory. Pay attention to regular maintenance during the use of equipment, which will help ensure the service life of the product.

When maintaining the high and low temperature test chamber, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Special person management is implemented, and the management personnel must be trained to be familiar with the performance of the high and low temperature test chamber before use.

2. Put the high and low temperature test chamber in a relatively benign test environment to ensure the life of the compressor and the overall experimental effect of the machine.

3. Frequently clean the dusty parts of the high and low temperature test chamber
4. Keep the waterway of the high and low temperature test chamber unblocked and the humidifier clean.

5. Regularly clean the high and low temperature test chamber to ensure its good ventilation and heat transfer performance. For compressors that are cooled by water, regularly clean and descale the inside of the condenser to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.

6. If it is not used for a long time, the inner wall should be cleaned and kept dry, and the device should be powered on every half a day, and the time should not be less than 1 hour.