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How to choose a quality salt spray tester

Salt spray test chamber how to choose? Salt spray test chamber in industrial production is very widely used, of course, the market price and quality of salt spray test chamber are mixed, many customers do not know what to do when buying selection, Kunshan Haida instrument as salt spray test chamber and other environmental testing instruments manufacturers to point out what issues need to be noted salt spray test chamber selection.

Fog test chamber selection needs to pay attention to the following basic configuration.

1. Look at the box: the thickness of the box no customer to measure, generally are 5mm PVC board. Now some manufacturers use 3mm board, there are boxes with poor quality PVC board to do, by high temperature bending will open burst or cracking. (The box body has been repaired by grinding traces)

2. identify the heating tube: white stainless steel heating tube instead of pure titanium heating tube is not desirable, a long time will be black corrosion short life, the real pure titanium tube is not discolored.

3. know pressure barrel (saturated barrel): PP plate instead of 304 stainless steel, PP plate welding is not good must leak, the pressure is not through the pressure barrel straight nozzle, so not only will not leak and pressure barrel inside the water use time will be longer. Stainless steel pressure drums can also be made in this way. If a supplier promises that the water in a pressure drum will last for dozens of days or more, this should be considered. This practice is not desirable from the national standard, because the nozzle spray fog will be cold, the test chamber to slow the speed of heating, power consumption, the product test also has a certain impact.

4. And then, the view thermocouple (sensor), KK line thermocouple, temperature control table fluctuations, PT100 stable.