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Specific operation method of drop test machine

The drop test machine is also called the drop test bench and box drop test machine. It is mainly used for the drop test of packaged products. The impact strength and the rationality of the packaging design can drop the packaged products in multiple directions on the angular surface. During the drop process, the support arm moves downward quickly and then rotates to ensure the free separation of the support arm and the package test piece, and realize the packaging test. Free fall of parts, small impact and vibration, stable and reliable, it is a drop test bench that truly completes surface, edge and corner drop tests. This machine is also suitable for: cartons, electronic appliances and other packaging tests.

Operating specifications of the drop tester:

1. Wiring: connect the supplied power cord to the three-phase power supply and ground it, connect the control box and the testing machine with the supplied connecting line according to the plug adaptation, and test run the up/down command.
2. Drop height adjustment: turn on the power of the main machine, set the height required for the test, and press the up button to make it reach the set height;

Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine/Drop Tester

3. Put the object to be measured on the work surface, and then fix it with a fixed rod.
4. Press the up button to raise the measured object to the set height.
5. Press the drop button to make the working surface break away from the object under test instantly, and the object under test will fall freely.
6. Press the reset button to restore the workbench to the working state.
7. If the test is repeated, repeat the above steps.
8. After the test: Press the down button to make the worktable run to the lowest position and turn off the power button.