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Haida International Participated in Guangya Exhibition: Highlighting Innovative Test Solutions

Guangya Exhibition, one of the largest exhibitions for testing and measuring instruments in Asia, was recently held in Guangzhou, China. Among the participating companies was Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd., a leading provider of testing equipment for materials and products across various industries.

Haida exhibited a diverse range of testing equipment, including universal testing machines, environmental chambers, vibration testing systems, and more. The company’s innovative offerings received significant traction from visitors and piqued the interest of many industry experts.

The Guangya Exhibition provided a platform for Haida to showcase its latest testing solutions and interact with potential customers. The event’s theme, “Innovation Drives Development, Quality Determines the Future,” aligned with Haida’s business philosophy, and the company had a splendid opportunity to showcase its expertise in the testing industry.

One of the key highlights of Haida’s exhibition was the Automotive Interior Material Tester, which is designed to analyze the safety and durability of car interiors. The equipment simulates automotive interior environments like humidity, temperature, and sunlight exposure to determine the effects on the vehicle’s interior materials. The device’s high precision and user-friendly interface earned it widespread acclaim from visitors and industry experts at the exhibition.

In addition to the Automotive Interior Material Tester, Haida’s other testing equipment, such as the Rubber and Plastic Abrasion Tester and the Torsion Testing Machine, received equal appreciation. These machines can test the abrasion resistance of rubber and plastics, and evaluate the torsional properties of materials, respectively. Visitors also showed significant interest in Haida’s Vibration Testing System, which can test various products’ vibration resistance and durability.

Apart from showcasing its latest testing products, Haida used the Guangya Exhibition as an opportunity to educate visitors about the significance of reliable testing in various industries. The company’s team members were present to answer queries and offer suggestions to visitors regarding testing solutions relevant to their industry. Haida’s decades of experience in developing and manufacturing testing equipment were highlighted during the exhibition.

All in all, Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd.’s participation in Guangya Exhibition is a wonderful display of the company’s inspection expertise and innovative solutions. Haida’s automotive interior material tester, rubber and plastic wear tester, vibration test system and other products were well received by visitors and industry experts. Haida’s commitment to quality and development through innovation was evident at the event and proved the company’s position as a leader in the testing industry. The show provides Haida with a platform to interact with potential customers and industry peers, fostering important connections that will undoubtedly shape the company’s future initiatives.