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The New Type Thermal Shock Chamber

In these 12 years of development, our products become more mature and have been recognized by customers worldwide. And the thermal shock chamber quickly becomes our representative products on the market depend on its superior performance capabilities.
Originally, thermal shock chamber used hatchback integrated structure. However, customers have more requirements for thermal shock chamber, the hatchback style gradually losing its market advantage. So we constantly communicate with customers and collect their feedback. In addition, our technician try to innovate and improve our machine constantly. Finally, we decided to adopt the three box-type structure to our new thermal shock chamber, so that it can reduce the vibration when the refrigeration unit running and decrease the impact of noise to the chamber.

In the process of development and improvement, we use the new multi-wing centrifugal wind wheel and high-temperature cycle chamber cycle-wing aircraft, and improve the position of ventilation pipe, which make the high-temperature box and cryostat compact to the testing position, constraint the air convection, improve the average temperature efficiency, thereby control the exhaust noise within the standard 65 decibel in the laboratory. Fundamentally solve the negative effect to the laboratory due to the old thermal shock chambers

As a mature product on the market, we also gradually establish humanized returning service. From testing in the factory to operating by customers, we regularly ask the customers about the using situation and help them solve the problem they may encounter in the process of using. What’s more, we provide product maintenance knowledge and try our best to provide quality and professional service.