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Configurations and the Purchase of Tensile Testing Machine?

Tensile testing machine is also known as universal material testing machine. Universal testing machine is used for a variety of materials for instruments and equipment static load, tensile, compression, bending, shear, tear, peel and other mechanical properties test with mechanical force testing machine, about the tensile testing machine how much do you understand? The following small series to give you a detailed introduction to the purchase and main configuration of tensile testing machine.

The different range of tension, determines the use of the sensor is different, also determines the structure of the tension machine, but this has little impact on the price (except door type). For general flexible packaging manufacturers, the tension range of 1000 kg is enough. So I decided to use the one-arm. The corresponding structure to the single-arm type is the portal structure, which is adapted to relatively large tensile forces, such as tons or more. So flexible packaging manufacturers are basically unnecessary.

Intelligent three basic configuration: host, microcomputer, and printer, if the microcomputer function is strong can directly print. It can also be equipped with ordinary computers. With computers, sophisticated data analysis can be performed, such as data editing, local magnification, adjustable report forms, and group-style statistical analysis.