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battery test chamber UN38.3

In recent years, global battery recalls have raised concerns in the international market about the safety of battery products and end products powered by batteries. At the same time, market regulators in various countries have also stepped up their supervision. Therefore, battery manufacturers face the challenge of improving product quality.

In order to ensure the safety of air transportation and meet the transportation needs of customers for goods containing lithium batteries, according to relevant regulations, the operation specification for rechargeable lithium batteries, namely UN38.3, has been formulated.

What’s the required testing in UN38.3?

Test T.1: Altitude simulation

Test T.2: Thermal test

Test T.3: Vibration

Test T.4: Shock

Test T.5: External short circuit

Test T.6: Impact / Crush

Test T.7: Overcharge

Test T.8: Forced discharge