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Proper use and maintenance of testing instruments

Testing instruments in the use of the process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results, the use of instruments and maintenance personnel, we must do the correct, reasonable operation and use of testing instruments, and do a good job of routine maintenance of testing instruments. Specific can be carried out as follows.

1, the operator of the test instrument should conduct the necessary technical training before operating and using the instrument, familiar with the instrument’s instruction manual, understand the instrument’s performance, the role of accessories and usage, familiar with the operating methods, strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, for some professional and complex operation of the instrument, can be arranged to be responsible for the operation, and required to obtain an induction certificate before operation.

2. The environment in which the testing instrument is used should meet the requirements of the operating instructions.

3. Before using the instrument, the operator must know whether the existing technical condition of the instrument is normal, whether the calibration certificate is within the validity period, whether the working voltage, electrical circuit, gas circuit, oil circuit and mechanical rotating part meet the requirements before powering on and using.

4、For valuable, precise and other large instruments and equipment, operating procedures should be formulated, and the user should strictly follow the operating procedures and fill in the “Instrument and Equipment Use Record”.

5、In the process of using the instrument and equipment, if there is a failure or damage, it should be stopped immediately and reported to professional maintenance personnel for overhaul, and it is prohibited for non-professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance operations on the machine.

6、Regular maintenance of the instrument and equipment, such as the working surface of the working rails and gears and rack on the instrument for regular lubrication, regular anti-rust treatment of the instrument, the machine should be not used for a long period of time between the machine for power, to prevent damage to the electrical parts of the moisture.

7、In addition to the professional maintenance personnel of the instrument, no one else should disassemble or adjust the instrument arbitrarily to avoid damaging the performance of the instrument.

8、At the end of use, carry out necessary maintenance on parts that may affect the performance of the instrument, such as hand contact with non-painted parts, such as surface cleaning, spraying anti-rust oil, etc., and then cut off the working power.