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Customized Services

Hada Factory

Haida mission is Deliver the best testing equipment to our customers. Technically, Haida has 4 main independent systems of R&D, Production, Marketing & Sales, Measurement & Calibration; 4 bases of production and research; 10 PhD supervisors as consultants; oven 10 items of High-tech products; more than 50 items of product patents and 300 staffs. Haida products meet international standards (ISO, UL, ASTM, EN…) and widely used in field of Factories, Research Institutes, Quality Inspection Institutes, Universities, etc…

Equipment Customized

Haida is a national certification of High-tech manufacturers. In general, all testing equipment for Haida equipment have standard and custom editions.
Custom version of the testing equipment services can be manufactured in accordance with customer non-standard testing equipment.

Haida Equipment Testing Equipment engineer According to customer parameter requirements to develop equipment design plan, manufacturing program, equipment quality verification. Professionally achieve consistent customer performance metrics.