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Routine Maintenance Of Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven

1. The shell of the drying oven must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use;
2. The power should be turned off after use;
3. There is no explosion-proof device in the drying oven, and it is not allowed to put flammable and explosive materials;
4. The drying oven should be placed in a room with good ventilation conditions, and no flammable and explosive materials should be placed around it;
5. Do not over-squeeze the items placed in the drying oven, you must leave an appropriate space to facilitate the circulation of hot air;
6. Keep clean and hygienic inside and outside the cabinet;
7. When the working temperature is too high, the box door should be opened after the shutdown to reduce the temperature in the box before removing the items to prevent burns;
8. Unauthorized disassembly of the cabinet is not allowed. If the product is damaged, the user shall bear the responsibility.