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The importance of Fatigue Test & Durability Test for Furniture

Furniture is an indispensable item in people’s daily life. The different forms furnitures can be seen in various occasions such as family, company, hotel and restaurant…

Of course, testing is also a very important part in production. If there’s any problems,  it may cause some losses to the company and affect the customer experience. At this time, testing is needed to point out potential problems with the products.

The Fatigue Test & Durability Test are a important for furniture, which can check whether the furniture is qualified, knowing its life and safety. So as to ensure them can be used for a long time and not damaged. At the same time, it can also improve the customer experience and reduce the loss of the company due to quality problems.

As a furniture manufacture, how to do Fatigue Test? Following machines from HAIDA will be helpful to you.

Foam Pounding Fatigue Tester
ASTM D 3574, ISO 3385
Castor Durability Tester
EN 12527
Drawer and Door Durability Tester
BIFMA 5.5, 5.9
Chair Seat and Back Durability Tester
Three-Seat Sofa Durability Tester
EN 4875
Mattress Rollator Durability and Hardness and Edge Tester

Only the products that have been fatigue or durability tested are the products that meet the production standards. Have you prepared the testing equipment for your team?