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Why do we need an environmental&climate chamber ?

Constant temperature and humidity chamber which is a commonly used machine among a series of environmental testing machines.

Sometimes ,our customer will ask us :”Why do we need an environmental&climate chamber ?”

Actually this series machine stimulate various temperature and humidity environment.And it is suitable for test electronics,electrical appliances,food,automobiles,rubber and plastic,metal,print products and furniture products.The chamber could provide our customers with reliable testing report under harsh environments that improve the quality of products.

About the test standard,our chamber could meet:IEC60068-2-1.1990,IEC60068-2-2.1974,GJB150.3,GJB150.4 and so on.

As for the volume, we have 100L ,150L、225L、408L,1000L and we could also offer custom service bases on your special request.

Then let us show you our chamber,we produce two different shapes of this chamber according to the needs of different customers as following:

And here attached the temperature and humidity chart as following :

In addition ,please kindly check the technical parameters attached :

Temperature range -40℃~+150℃
Humidity range 20%~98%RH
Heating rate 3℃/min ,in average
Cooling rate 1℃/min ,in average
Cooling mode Air cooling

What’s more,for EU F-gas regulations, in order to achieve better cooperation and make a contribution to the cause of environmental protection. The refrigerant used in our machine will also use 449A instead of 404A, with a GWP value of 1397. At the same time, the international brands Weiss in Germany and ACS in Italy also use this refrigerant.

So please kindly contact us if you have any need for temperature / constant chamber!!
We are willing to support you !