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Haida constant temperature and humidity box to help the epidemic prevention and control

On January 8, 2022, confirmed cases of the Omicron variant of the New Coronavirus were found in Tianjin, China, and an official release stated that 18 additional cases of New Coronavirus infection were detected among close contacts, and that the 18 additional cases have now been transmitted for at least three generations in terms of the relationship between cases and the chain of transmission. From the discovery of the epidemic, the people of the city responded to the call to actively cooperate in the work to defeat Omicron imperative!

In our company also has about medical testing instruments, such as Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, Dry Box, tensile strength tester, bursting strength tester, compression machine, shaking table and so on. Here is the HD-E702-100K programmable constant temperature and humidity tester:

This series of products constant temperature and humidity testing machine, mainly used to simulate electronic instruments and meters, new materials, electricians, vehicles, metals, electronic products, aerospace materials, etc. in the transportation, storage, use process may encounter the harsh high temperature, low temperature or hot and humid environment; or high temperature, low temperature, hot and humid alternating environment, test materials, accessories or instruments and equipment resistance to high temperature, cold, hot and humid performance and possible damage caused by the reduction of life, etc.

一, Box structure

1、Inner box material: SUS304# (1.2mm thick) stainless steel plate, with the advantages of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, etc.

2, the outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate baking paint treatment, 1.2mm thick (box body dark gray, box door sky blue).

3, door handle: the use of non-reaction, explosion-proof door handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

4, insulation system: the use of ultra-fine glass fiber filling insulation area, inside and outside the box connection parts using non-metallic high and low temperature resistant materials, effectively reduce the temperature conduction; box door sealing using refined silicone rubber, so that in high and low temperature conditions do not exist aging and hardening phenomenon, sealing more reliable; humidification mode using isolated humidification.

5、Moving and positioning device: the bottom of the machine is installed with high quality fixed PU movable wheels, which can easily move the machine to the designated position and then fix the casters.

6、Sample rack: SUS304 # stainless steel punching and bending into a mesh, easy to use, adjustable spacing between the material rack, the standard configuration of two, the sample according to the weight ≧ 50kg evenly distributed.

7、Test hole: open Φ50mm test hole, and attach the corresponding thermal insulation accessories and special sealing soft plug.

8、Observation window: the use of double-layer vacuum reinforced glass, the inner side of the glued piece of conductive film heating defrost, clear observation of the test process.

二, Main technical parameters are as follows

1. Model: HD-E702-100K20 HD-E702-100K40 HD-E702-100K70

2.Nominal content volume: 100L

3. Inner box size: 400mm×500mm×500mm (W×H×D)

4. External dimensions: 620mm×1390mm×1410mm (W×H×D)

5.Temperature range:-20℃~+150℃-40℃~+150℃-70℃~+150℃

6. Control accuracy:

Temperature resolution: 0.01℃ Humidity resolution: 0.1%R.H

Temperature deviation: ±0.5℃Humidity deviation: ±2%R.H

Temperature uniformity: ≦2℃Humidity uniformity: ±3%R.H

Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃Humidity fluctuation:±2%R.H

7. Temperature rise and fall rate:

Temperature rise time:-70℃→+150℃ whole average≧3℃/min

Cooling time:150 ℃ → -70 ℃ throughout the average ≧ 1 ℃ / min