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What should we note when we use the temperature and humidity testing chamber?

* There is test hole in the side of machine, it can used to connect test line in chamber.
* If you want to observe the change in chamber, you can open the door light;
* If the machine running under 0°C, should avoid to open the door. If you must open, try to shorten the open time (note: when serve ice, should do a high temperature test to release the ice and then low temperature test.)
* When low temperature running is completed, must set a 60°C to dry, avoid to affect the next test.
* Ice machine radiator (condenser) should be regularly maintained and kept clean.
* Cylinder into the water: must be fully discharged by the air retained in order to water can not enter.
Special attention: When the machine is completed at low temperature operation, the absence of point 6 above work, also be sure to set the room temperature (30 ± 5 °C) so that the temperature inside the room temperature at shutdown, so as not to affect the inside temperature is low and the resulting knot ice phenomena, and the window glass fog phenomenon.
* In operating, unless absolutely necessary, do not open the door, or it may result in the following adverse consequences:
1. – high temperature moisture is dangerous when out of the chamber.
2. – inside the box door is still held high-temperature may cause damage.
3. – high temperature air could trigger a fire alarm malfunction.
* Please note that the machine must be securely grounded truly in order to avoid electrostatic induction.
* Avoid close within three minutes then turn the frozen unit.
* If placed the hot specimen inside the chamber, do not use the direct power of the machine, should use the external power supply.
* Circuit breaker, over-temperature protection, provide test materials to the operator security, so please check regularly.
Only put the gauze correctly can ensure the correct amount of relative humidity