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How to keep the compressive strength of the carton?

In order to improve the compressive strength of packaging cardboard, it is necessary to understand what factors affect the strength of the carton.

The factors affecting the compressive strength and stacking strength of cartons can be analyzed from these five aspects:

1. The quality of raw materials; the base paper is the determinant of the compressive strength of the carton. At the same time, the influence of other conditions in the production process of corrugated cardboard, such as the amount of adhesive, the change of flute height, dipping, coating, and composite processing, cannot be ignored.

2. The moisture content of the carton, and the long-term storage of the carton in a humid environment will also affect its compressive strength, stacking strength, and hardness.

3. Box type specifications: cartons composed of different layers of corrugated cardboard have different compressive strength and stacking strength. Under the same conditions, the higher the box, the worse the stability, and the lower the stacking strength and compressive strength.

4. Processing technology deviation; improper line pressing, too deep slotting, weak bonding, etc. in the process of box making, etc., the perimeter, height, and opening of the carton will also reduce the compressive strength of the carton.

5. Ambient temperature: It will also cause slight changes in the material of the carton, thereby changing the hardness of the carton.

Given the change of ambient humidity caused by weather, you can increase the storage height of the carton, keep away from the wet ground as much as possible, and increase the ventilation of the warehouse. If conditions permit, you can purchase several high-power dryers to make the storage environment dry. It can effectively prevent the compression resistance and hardness of the carton from reducing; the other is to start from the production process of the carton to enhance the variability and resistance of the entire carton itself.

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