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What is the reason for the “alarm” of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber It is generally used to test the performance of materials under various conditions and the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and moisture resistance of various materials. It is the necessary testing equipment for aviation, vehicles, home appliances, scientific research and other industries. It is used for testing and clarifying electrical engineering. .High temperature electronics and other products and materials. Low temperature. Alternating experiments. The design of Haiyou humidity test chamber conforms to various basic standards and military standards.

As a kind of experimental equipment with relatively high frequency of use, the constant temperature and humidity test box often causes fault alarms due to the operator’s misoperation during the application process. The reasons for the alarm mainly include three reasons: refrigeration system, temperature system and cooling fan system.

一.Refrigeration units

1. Overpressure alarm of refrigeration unit. If the refrigerant pressure of the refrigeration unit exceeds the preset value, it will stop and alarm. At this point, faults must be detected and then calibrated manually.

2. The circulating cooling water is less water alarm. When the comprehensive water pressure of the cooling circulating water is insufficient, it will stop and alarm, and the fault must be eliminated, and it can run normally after calibration.

3. Refrigeration unit over temperature alarm. When the compressor coil is overheated and the line power supply is abnormal, it will stop and alarm.

二.Temperature System

1. Over temperature alarm in the cold and wet alternating cycle test chamber. The sensors in the test chamber channel and test area are equipped with over-temperature protection devices, and there are also over-temperature protection devices on the control panel. When the temperature of the pilot area exceeds the temperature set on the panel, it will stop and alarm.

2. Over-temperature maintenance of test products. When the temperature of the test area exceeds the protection temperature set by the control panel, it will stop and alarm. The over-temperature maintenance of the sample is divided into limit protection and low limit maintenance, which can be set as required.

三.Cooling fan system

1. The over temperature of the radiator causes an alarm. When the fan coil is overheated, it will stop and alarm at the same time.

2. Radiator overcurrent alarm. When the fan current exceeds the specified value, it will stop and alarm. Works properly only after overcurrent fault is repaired