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Constant temperature and humidity chamber common questions and answers

Constant temperature and humidity chamber common questions and answers

The use of constant temperature and humidity chamber users may encounter this situation, the humidity suddenly showed 100% during the test, but do not know what the cause? Today I will address this issue in detail for you to answer.

Step 1: Check the wet ball gauze is hung on the humidity sensor. Close to the sink sensor for the humidity sensor, gauze should be hung on the humidity sensor, and wrap the sensor temperature part. A small number of customers often linked to the wrong position gauze, hanging in the temperature sensor above, causing the machine failure, therefore, please carefully identify the top of the root for the temperature probe, near the sink below the humidity probe.

Step 2: If the hanging mode is correct, the humidity still shows 100%. Please check whether the wet ball gauze has yellowish phenomenon, or use for too long, too much minerals are accumulated on the gauze, which will cause the water-absorbing performance of the wet ball gauze to fall, Water, so that the detected humidity is not accurate, resulting in high humidity of the illusion; if so please replace the wet ball gauze, if not, check the wet ball sink water level or low water absorption, gauze The following parts:

A, observe the water tank side of the water level box whether there is water, if not, there may be damage to the float

B, electromagnetic pump damage, with a multimeter voltage file to measure its resistance, if open circuit is damaged

C, gap replenishment timer is damaged, can not be normal replenishment

The third step: there is also a controller settings, a small number of customers there is a constant temperature and humidity chamber use errors, often do low temperature also set the humidity, high temperature 120 degrees Celsius also set the humidity, this situation will also cause control Misalignment and instability. Low temperature machine can not control the humidity, easy to ice; high temperature evaporation is too fast, the machine is very difficult to set the humidity. Therefore, the majority of customers carefully read the instructions, regulate the operation of machinery, extend equipment life.

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