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HD-B609-S Material Testing Machine




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


L/C, D/P, T/T



Tensile Material Testing Machine Description

computer servo tensile material testing machine is professionally suitable for releases stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, bonding, piercing force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force, pull-out force and other performance tests of plastic films, protective film, composite materials, flexible packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, stickers, medical patches, medical equipment, combination cover, metal foil, diaphragm, backing material, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper and so on products.
TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, GB4857.3.4, ASTM-D642, QB/T1048, BS EN ISO 12048, GB/T4857.16, GB/T8167, GB/T8168, GB/T4857.3, GB/T4857.4


Item Description
Capacity 5kg Transcell load cell(USA)
Motor 400w Panasonic servo motor
Driver 400w Panasonic servo driver
Screw Ball screw
Control mode Computer & Software
Speed 0.1-500mm/min, adjustable
Stroke 900mm(excluding fixture)
Load resolution 1/250,000
Load accuracy ≤0.5%
Testing force range 1g-5kg
Unit gf/kgf/N//kN/LBf/T
Dimension (L*W*H)515*520*1250mm
Load cell capacity 5KG
Bearing/Bearing steel 32004(Imported NSK)
Protective cover Nylon cloth with size of 110*15*1500mm
Circuit board HD-002-A
Weight About 68KG
Power supply 1∮ AC 220V




Product Features

(A) Structural features
1. The equipment shell adopts a baking paint coating process, which can enhance the protection performance and pressure resistance of the outer surface of the product, the white lacquered body is supplemented by blue baking paint embellishment;
2. Flexible organ-type one-piece shield, with soft texture, effectively preventing excessive noise caused by frictional vibration due to the hard material;
3. Increase the manual operation function of rising and falling, more convenient for users.
(B) Control system
1. Adopt a way of a direct connection between PC and equipment, effectively avoiding the interference of other components to the test data;
2. The controller adopts the company’s independent research and development of the original power test software, the software is three-dimensional and beautiful, the language can choose English, Chinese, and traditional Chinese, and the operation is intuitive and convenient.
(C) Test structure
1. the use of small capacity sensors, Panasonic servo motors and supporting drives, planetary reducer (silent type), and other high-quality components to make the low viscosity test data more accurate and reduce errors;
2. The equipment adopts a silent type reducer, which can avoid vibration and noise caused by excessive clearance of reducer;
3. Equipped with a Panasonic servo motor system, with precision ball screw multi-axis positioning technology, a displacement accuracy of 0.5 grade, high efficiency of the transmission system, and smooth transmission.
(D) Protection system
Limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, and other intelligent design to ensure safe operation.


Installed protective device is not outside interferenceThe test is more accurate.
HD-B609B-S (2)
HD-B609B-S (5)

Emergency stop Switch

When the machine is in operation havean abnormal situation need to stop unit,this button makes the instantaneous
stop of the unit.

Limit Protection Device

Double protect the load cell and machine during operation.
HD-B609B-S (7)


HD-B609C-S has a wide range of applications and can be equipped with more than 100 different fixtures for users to choose from, which can meet the test requirements of more than 1,000 materials; according to the different materials of users, Haida also provides customized services to meet different users Test requirements.

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