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Haida Instruments Launches The New Tensile Testing Machine

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Haida Instruments launches a new tensile testing machine (HD-B618-S) which is professionally suitable for tensile, bending, compression, bonding strength, tearing, puncture force, opening force, unwinding force, unplugging force and other performance tests of composite materials, packaging materials, plastic pipes, adhesives, backboard materials, non-woven fabrics, concrete, rubber and other high-strength non-metallic materials and medical devices, cables, steel and other metal products.

  1. Capacity 100kN sensor (standard); 20kN/30kN/50kN (optional)
  2. Motor 2.0kW servo motor
  3. Driver 2.0kW servo driver
  4. Effective test force range 100N~100kN
  5. Four-column ball screw transmission ensures high-precision and stable operation of the instrument;
  6. The force test system provides force accuracy better than 1.0 level, and the test data is accurate;
  7. The system has a built-in USB interface or network port to facilitate data transmission and external access of the system.
  8. The instrument integrates multiple professional and independent test programs such as stretching, tearing, fixed elongation and tensile strength, pressing, puncture retention, etc., providing users with a variety of test items;
  9. It has functions such as travel limit protection and overload protection;
  10. It has multiple control modes such as fixed speed, fixed deformation, fixed strain, fixed stress rate, fixed strain rate, etc., and the control modes can be switched arbitrarily;
  11. It supports group test data comparison and analysis, and has multi-unit conversion function.

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